Friday, February 10, 2012


Back when I was newly pregnant with my first daughter, I joined one of the big pregnancy groups on Ravelry. There was a thread for women due in June, and I joined it; I also joined the due in July thread, figuring that since this was my first baby, I'd go late (wrong!).

We ended up liking each other so much that we started our own group, and we've been friends ever since. Some of us have even met in person (I live down the street from a couple, and our kids play together all the time).

Anyway, in the last month or so, we started a spoil-the-mama swap. To get more people to be able to participate, we had a $5 upper spending limit, so the goal was to use what you already had on hand. You could send anything, really: regift something, make projects from supplies you had on hand, bake, send stashed yarn and fabric...It's been great fun coming up with things to make that my partner will like!

I finished my package last night, and thought it was a good ice breaker to my blog. I'll talk about some of the projects in more detail later.

My most favorite project for this was the needle book, inspired (erm, very strongly) by the ones here:

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